Saturday, January 18, 2014

Unexpected summer expenses

Weddings. Two of them. This is seldom an issue in Argentina, where there is much less mobility, so people get married in the same city they grew up. In the U.S, so far, all the weddings I have been invited to, except one, were in town. The exception, I flew from my current location to Orlando, because a student I had my first semester as a TA in grad school was getting married, and invited me. It was a significant cost, but how could I not go?

This upcoming summer, two former students are getting married, and they both invited me to their weddings. I am flattered and touched. And I will go. It is a symbol of what I value most about my job, the connections I establish with my students. But now, I need to figure out how much will it cost me and B. to attend. One wedding is in St. Louis, the other one is near Cleveland. Both locations are within driving distance (if you leave aside the fact that B. has arm problems so he can't drive for too long, and I absolutely hate driving for more than an hour in a row), so that will cut down the cost. But there are still hotels, etc. Maybe I should take the opportunity to do some kind of tour of the Midwest. The fist wedding is in St. Louis at the beginning of August. The other one, in Cleveland, is a week later. Any suggestions of a road trip in-between?


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    1. Duh...! That just go to show how bad I am with geography, or, more accurately, with maps. It still takes me a minute to find in a map the state I have been living for almost 7 years

  2. Go here. It counts as class prep and makes your trip tax deductible.

    1. Mmm... that is a good option for a summer escapade, even if I didn't have weddings. Very close to home