Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Responsibility-Centered Budget Model

Has anybody heard about the so-called Responsibility-Centered Budget (RCB) model of higher education? Does any of my readers work at an institution that has implemented it? If so, what are the pros and the cons? It has started to circulate that my institution wants to move to a Responsibility-Centered Budget Model, and from everything I gather, it sounds like a very bad idea from an educational point of view. And probably even from a financial point of view (provides wrong types of incentives). However, I am not a finance person, and I am trying to educate myself. Any insight into Responsibility-Centered Budget will be greatly appreciated.


  1. It is bad, and it is part of the entrepreneurial model.

  2. I figured. I told today to whoever was explaining it: "Sell me the model, why should I be enthusiastic about it?", and ze started mumbling incoherent sentences