Monday, December 30, 2013


Last May, I wrote for the first and only time about Rebecca Schuman. I had some disagreements with her (and I still have). I explained those disagreements. I ended the post saying: "If you disagree with her, be civil. Otherwise, you are just a jerk". As soon as I posted it, I emailed it to Rebecca. And guess what happened? Nothing. Or yes... She had no problems with my disagreements. We are now Facebook friends. Maybe the response (or lack of thereof) has to do with the fact I was being civil and not calling her names? With the fact that I was treating her as my interlocutor and not as a child who needs to be shut down? Probably...


  1. I had no problem with it--but I remember several of your readers took their problems with me out on you, your iPad typos, the fluency of your third language. And make no mistake--I wouldn't call myself "civil" online and I don't require "civility" from people who have a problem with me. I just require that they be ready to get the full force of the SchuNation if they ask for it, not bait me and then cry OH HOW UNCIVIL when I take the bait. At any rate, my best to you, my FBBFFF, for a (comparatively) cool trip.

  2. Oh, my grammar Because they obviously make it impossible to understand what I am saying. I would say that civil, for me, is not politeness, but a way of engaging in dialogue that hopes for a constructive outcome out of it. Insulting me before you ever wrote the post is not a good way to start. That is just me, I would never pretend to suggest anybody else how s/he should write. And I think you are civil (most of the times). Maybe it is a cultural thing. In Argentina, you would definitely raise eyebrows and provoke responses. But a call to civility would not be one of them