Monday, December 10, 2012

Should I read something more into this?

Good or bad, or should I just take it like "Geez...Am I lucky or what?" (sarcasm)?

I just got an "invitation" to be a part of new, VERY IMPORTANT, committee, one of those where VIP are members, is very controversial, and you piss off a lot of people no matter what you do. It is supposed to last at least a year. The "invitation" went from the provost to all the future members. I took a look at them, and I am the only one who still doesn't have tenure. The rest not only have tenure, but half of them are Department Chairs.

So is this a sign that everybody assumes I will get tenure (the names were proposed by the Deans of each college) or, on the contrary, that I am being thrown to the wolves? Or I just shouldn't read much into it?


  1. From the very basic facts (just what you have provided here) I would lean towards guessing that they just assume you will get tenure shortly, or else you have something else in common with the others on the committee - for example, maybe all of you are people they feel like will "get things done" and it just happens that you're the only one not tenured.

  2. Well, there is no way I have a reputation for "get things done". Not because I am lazy or incompetent, but because I am the typical academic who teaches good classes, students don't complain, publishes, but tries to stay out of committees, administrative responsibilities and the like as much as possible.

    Let's go with the "she'll get tenure soon".